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Calculator-Converter allows fast conversion between different measurement units such as Imperial and metric SI system. The website offers useful calculation and conversion tools for both scientific and every day needs since 2008. Here are some of our converters: Feet to Meters (units of length conversion), Milliliters to Fluid Ounces (units of volume conversion), Kilograms to Pounds (units of weight conversion), MPH to KPH (units of speed conversion) and Celsius to Fahrenheit (temperature conversion). Our convertors and calculators are easy to use and optimized for use both on mobile devices and desktop computes. Our tools come with adjustable rounding so you can select how many digits will be shown after the decimal point. The website is managed from London, Ontario, Canada and hosted in Texas, USA. We implement PHP programming language for result calculation on our server. If you would like to advertise on Calculator-Converter, please sign up for a Google Ads account to place your advertising campaign on our site.

For more information, or if you would like to report errors, missing content or typos, please contact us at:

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