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MPG (Miles per Gallon) Calculator

Calculate fuel consumption in Miles per Gallon (US).

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Examples of fuel consumption in Miles per Gallon (MPG) Table:
Volkswagen Jetta
Model Year: 2019
( turbocharged 1.4L, Manual 5 speed, Regular Gasoline )
City: 28.34 MPG (8.3 L/100 km)
Highway: 39.87 MPG (5.9 L/100 km)
Nissan Sentra
Model Year: 2019
( 4 cyl, 1.8 L, Manual 6 speed, Regular Gasoline )
City: 27         
Highway: 35
Honda Civic
Model Year: 2019
(1.5 L, 4 cyl, Automatic (variable gear ratios), Turbo, Regular Gasoline)
City: 32         
Highway: 42

Toyota Corolla LE Eco
Model Year: 2019
(1.8 L, 4 cyl, Automatic (variable gear ratios), Regular Gasoline)
City: 30         
Highway: 40

Fuel efficiency is the efficiency of energy contained in a carrier fuel to kinetic energy or work. Fuel efficiency also mean the output carrier gets for a unit amount of fuel amount such as "miles per gallon" or "liters per 100 km" for a car (called fuel economy).   Fuel economy is the amount of fuel (gas) required to move a car over a given distance. Car fuel efficiency can be calculated in either miles per gallon or l/100 km. 

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